Understanding the malware factor
by Frazier1914
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Malware is the overall term used for viruses that render computers use impossible. They come in different forms, but their main aim is to render a computer useless. These viruses have been known to cause such massive damage to an organizations data base thereby deleting their data base from the server. Since these viruses spread from one computer to another without users’ knowledge, it becomes rather difficult to detect them with the naked eye. They are only detectable through specific software. Computer users should have an anti-virus system that is working and effective enough to detect such viruses.

What is malware?

For one to understand what malware is, it is imperative to understand how they find their way into a computers system. Malwares are known to embed themselves in web-pages making then difficult enough to detect. They then multiply at an alarming rate and just like viruses, spread out and destroy a computers hard disk if not handled early enough. One of the signs that all is not well is when the computer’s speed slows down considerably. This is a sign that there are viruses working in the background. They eat up most of the hard disk space and if not handle effectively can wipe it clean.

Due to the damage these viruses cause to computers users. It becomes imperative at one point on another to find out on how to remove malware. One of the reasons to remove these viruses is their nature to steal important documents and send to hackers who are out to make quick money. Hackers are the ones who in-fact create most of these viruses and send them out to unsuspecting computer users. Removal procedure takes time and must be done by keeping an updated software program. Always try to keep firewall turned to avoid further infection.  

Malware scan is the only software program that comes handy during such occasions. It is powerful enough to even detect any new viruses before they cause tremendous damage to the hard disk.   It is also worth noting that copies of the scan can be obtained free from the internet.  But just like any free software, think twice before making any download lest one downloads a further copy of malware. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and chats rooms are some of the breeding grounds for such viruses.  A scan is a must for any internet user.

To avoid any further infection of these viruses in question, computer users should be wary of free downloads that keep popping up each time a website is opened. These are viruses that have been created by hackers or unscrupulous individuals to make money while causing untold agony to other users.  From whichever way, one wish to look at the whole scenario, computer users should invest heavily on a good antivirus system amongst others that is able to update itself effectively. This they should do as a pre-cautionary measure in preventing these viruses from finding comfort is causing such untold and unwarranted agony to its users. 

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