Types of malware and its removal with anti malware software
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The use of internet has many advantages and parallel has its own risks of use. The risks thrown at the user by using the internet is the exposure of the computers to the malware on the internet. Malicious software is also called as the malware. Malwares are those programs which are designed to affect the working of the computer, by affecting the programs on the computer. This article intends to discuss the different types of malware and how these malwares can be fished out with the anti malware software.

There are varieties of malwares spread on the internet. Some of the most famous malware are mentioned below: -

·         Trojan horse - Trojan horse is a piece of software which has gained a lot of fame for its notorious action on the computers. This malware appears like computer viruses. This Trojan horse virus has a unique phenomenon of replicating themselves to affect the computer. Some of the Trojan horses intend to affect the system operation or to steal the personal information without the knowledge of the user. This malware is mainly installed with the help of backdoor programs.

·         Computer worms – This is a type of malware which does not come under the category of viruses. This is because; viruses get attached to programs for its operations. The viruses intend to affect a particular program. Whereas computer worms are malwares that self replicators in nature. The replicated worms take the helps of network to transport its copies to other terminals of the network. The intention of computer worms is not to affect the programs but to slow down the bandwidth by consuming the bandwidth. 

·         Computer viruses – Viruses are computer programs that are designed to cause a particular damage to the computer. There are different types of computer viruses and each have a different role. These viruses are self replicating in nature, and if not defined by the antivirus would affect the computer.

·         Spyware – This is a particular type of malware that is designed for a particular purpose. Spywares do not intend to affect either the hardware or the software of the computer. But, the spyware once it enters the computers gathers the personal information of the user and delivers it to a particular person. This information could be misused.

·         Adware – Adware’s are malwares that are present in the advertising software. These adware too sometimes take the role of a spyware to intrude the privacy of the user. These adware are let into the computer for specific purposes.

·         Root kits – These are deadly programs which involves a team work. Root kits are a combination of various programs designed to affect the software and the hardware of the computer.

These are the few malwares in different forms affecting the computer. It is the anti malware software alone that can identify these malicious software and thus fish them out to keep the computer safe. It is also very essential to create a firewall to protect from intrusion of privacy from these malwares.




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