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After spending time and money on braces to straighten your teeth, don’t let them revert back by ignoring your retainer. Rely on your Brooklyn dental spa team to guide you through the ins and outs of retainers — and give you the options available. In NYC, there’s no better orthodontic and cosmetic dentist team than at Envy Smile Dental Spa.

Crooked teeth don’t stand a chance against quality orthodontic care. But just because your dentist has taken your braces off doesn’t mean your orthodontic treatments are over. Wearing a retainer after your braces come off is a necessary part of your treatment. Retainers help hold your bite and smile in the same position that your braces formed over the period you wore them. Refusing to wear a retainer or failing to care for it properly often results in your teeth sliding back out of place and becoming crooked all over again.

Your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist customs crafts your retainer by taking an impression of your teeth after your braces are removed. Your newly straightened teeth are used as the guide for your retainer. The retainer itself is fashioned from wire and/or acrylic. You may only need to wear the retainer for a couple of years. But if you needed a more serious adjustment, you may have to wear your retainer indefinitely.

Your retainer can be removable or fixed into place. If you opt for one that’s secured, you make a separate appointment to set the retainer in place. Choosing a type of retainer depends largely on your individual dental needs and cosmetic desires.

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