Do Organizations Really Make The Students Organized?
by AlmaPipkin
 College Education
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Organizations or clubs are designed for students in diverting their attention and with purpose of bringing them extra form of relaxation and interaction with other students.  It may be innumerable but almost serving the same purpose, they may differ from types of it.  Some are into music, religion, science, major subjects or let us say law, theatre, political, sports, community service and groups that are dedicated with the all about of “essay on speech writing and presentation.”  Approval of the faculty and the dean is significant in order to make it formal and legal.  

These organizations are led by fellow students who they thought would best fit the position of being the president.  Advantages lie from joining and participating from the aforesaid.  It keeps you on track, active and away from vices.  School clubs also serves a training ground for selected participants and haven especially with their free time.  

Social interaction is enhanced and which develop at its best that will be beneficial on their future.  The students are draw closer despite of their differences.  Sharing ideas, swopping of opinions can bring them together which in the end can give them positive result in terms of personality building.  Today, students are always up for challenges and responsibilities, and these clubs is counted in.  

At times, being not able to attend the class they make these clubs as an excuse.  But is taken for granted to the fullest that sometimes affect their performance in school.  The policies of school organizations when not executed well will always be the reason of irresponsible students in skipping classes.
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Anna Kirsten
August 16, 2016
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