Everything You Should Know About Minimalism in Home Interiors
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Modern minimalism is not about total monochrome colors and the lack of accessories. A trendy minimalist interior is interesting. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about minimalism in home interiors.

Why you should choose minimalism

The main idea of minimalism is to leave a minimum of decor and furniture. However, every remaining detail should be thoughtful, of high quality, comfortable, and interesting. You should know that the simplification of the interior automatically increases the attention to detail and low-quality or impractical things will be quite striking.

Classic modern minimalism looks a bit like the industrial style. However, the big plus of the latest trends is that you can choose how to make your own simplicity, directing it to Scandinavian, rustic, boho, or other styles.

This approach allows you to create a trendy interior and spend less time on maintenance at the same time. This also has a great effect on the mood because you are surrounded only by your favorite things, there is no race for the accumulation of material, and there are no useless things. 

Color spectrum

Designers advise choosing three primary colors for one room, preferably close to each other in the palette. They should also match in intensity. It is better to choose universal colors like white, cream, brown, or gray for the base. Bright accents are welcome, but they are also desirable in muted shades like olive, mustard, aged azure, indigo, turquoise, or black.

The secret of the right combination is to see how tones are combined in nature. At the same time, there should be a greater number of light shades to enhance the feeling of lightness, purity, and spaciousness. There is also completely black minimalism that looks incredibly stylish, but not every personality can withstand life in such colors.


The basis of modern minimalism is a variety of materials. You can choose wood, metal, glass, stone, canvas, etc. For example, you can take light-colored wood as a basis for decorating a home. Rough metal legs of tables and chairs, surfaces made of untreated wood, as well as large windows also look great.

Single plastic elements are also allowed. For example, chairs made of transparent plastic or seats made of plain plastic and complemented by wooden or metal legs are in the trend.

Ceramic objects can also be used since ceramic vases play interestingly in contrast with glass ones.

Interior decoration

In minimalism, there is no place for pretentious wallpaper with monograms, baguette frames, or complex multi-level drywall structures. Smooth walls painted in soothing colors are ideal for creating an airy interior.

The safest color is white but you can combine several harmonious tones. For example, paint the walls light gray and leave the wall with a window in white. For a warmer vibe, look for dusty pink or sand colors. The floors can be made from solid wood, concrete, or natural stone.

Organization of space

The maximum of uncluttered space is can look great but if there is too much space and there is a feeling of emptiness, it can be zoned with furniture. Things should be hidden in cupboards and it is better to leave only a little on surfaces. In addition, designers advice to consider the room as a grid and form vertical and horizontal lines using color, interior items, and decor.


It is better to choose classic and functional furniture. For more conciseness, you can pay attention to transformable and modular furniture. Think over the minimum that you need and don’t spend money on trendy trinkets.

One of the most important principles of minimalism (which concerns not only furniture but also any other things) is in the simplicity of the lines. Avoid a lot of bends or details and strive for neat geometric designs. However, be careful and don't overload the space with them.


If earlier minimalism was practically “empty”, today the style has changed and has become cozy. Fabrics are widely used to make minimalism warm and homey. Textures of the textile also play an important role.

For example, the upholstery of an armchair, a blanket, and pillows of the same calm color scheme but the different texture will add richness and comfort to the simplicity of the atmosphere. If you are fond of patterns, a little geometry is a good choice. Carpets or woven rugs can also be used to accentuate the design.


There should be no random things in your minimalism interior. There could be few decor items but they should be carefully selected and unique. Moreover, it is better to organize enough free space around each accessory. Despite the fact that modern minimalism welcomes eclecticism, (the arrangement of things of different styles), they all should be combined with one feature or idea.

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