Commercial Roofing Brooklyn
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Roofing in the Brooklyn performs a wide variety of budget-friendly roofing services for residential and commercial clients alike.  If you have a roofing need that doesn’t fit into repair or replace categories, contact us and give a chance to help- we are creative problem solvers.  Remember, estimates are always free without any obligation.


If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan and it's time to replace your roof,  Roofing will provide a free roof replacement estimate without any strings attached. The best service that we can provide clients while building a replacement roof is to perform every step as roofing manufacturers intended. This is why we are confident the roofs we build will not leak and follow that up with guarantees. We do not cut corners on roof installs- we follow manufacturer installation instructions exactly. 

You will not find another roofer that will replace your roof, the way the manufacturer expects, cheaper than we will. Our estimates cover quality underlayment, new flashings, new drip edge and the proper number of nails placed in each shingle (some roofers save money by using fewer nails than they should). Abusing the proper roofing installation methods and hiring unskilled labor is how some roofers quote such low estimates. Replacing a roof way before its expected lifespan is the most expensive roof you'll ever buy when you hire one of these bad roofers.

​​Commercial Roofing Brooklyn Leaks can sometimes be fixed easily, for example, debris on the roof may have penetrated the waterproof membrane, drains for water removal could be blocked, and vent and pipe penetrations may need sealing. Some leaks require a far more experienced commercial roofing Brooklyn, such as layers of the waterproof membrane that may need to be peeled back to find an elusive split in the membrane. Clogged drain pipes may need to be disassembled to be cleared and pests that may have penetrated the roof by chewing through sealant or worn areas of the roof will have to be removed.  


             ​Roof Leaks in the home are the one failure that grabs attention because people know moisture damage leads to all sorts of bad things, such as wood rot, electrical shorts, and ruined carpet. However, sometimes the worse leaks are the ones you don’t know about until one or more of the family members gets sick from the mold growing around the roof leak that lies hidden.  Need more information on roof repairs.

Commercial roofing Queens are generally built of large low-maintenance corrugated metal panels. They are quick to install and many upgraded options are available, such as insulated panels and UV coatings. Plus, there are many decorative finishes to choose from.

Residential metal roofs can be built of elegant decorative tiles chosen to give a sleek modern look to a home as well as a much-improved lifespan over 3-tab asphalt shingles, but also at a much higher cost. Metal panels are also popular for a simple attractive roofing style. 

During the roof assessment, we also discuss the clients’ future plans for the property, age of roof and any recent repairs. The written repair estimate will be based on the roof’s assessment. We always, when possible, suggest repair first, and offer affordable options when replacement is advised.

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