Shockwave Regenerative Treatment
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Shockwave Regenerative Treatment

  • Do you feel like you should be back on the field, the court or the stage already? Try the latest ultrasound therapy. It encourages your tissues to heal faster and more completely. Find out how radial shockwave therapy can help you.
  • If you’ve got a lingering injury that just won’t heal properly or fully, you need a treatment that does what time alone hasn’t. That’s exactly what shockwave therapy does. Learn how it works.
  • To get back on your feet and back to your active lifestyle, come to ReBalance regenerative clinic for shockwave therapy. Using sound waves, this breakthrough procedure is applied over your skin, but it works underneath. Schedule a consultation today!

Introducing Shockwave Regenerative Treatment

Also known as radial shockwave therapy or extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a strong but painless way to treat sports injuries and other lingering injuries. This ultrasound therapy is an effective and noninvasive way to treat painful conditions of your muscles, bones, nerves and musculoskeletal connective tissue.

Shockwave regenerative therapy is a form of orthopedic and sports rehabilitative treatment for both injury and chronic pain, although its name isn’t quite as fierce as it sounds. The treatment consists of soundwave pulses delivered via external — or extracorporeal — handheld tools. Thanks to decades of success and proven safety, is becoming a standard procedure that speeds healing.

How Shockwave Therapy Works

Radial shockwave therapy uses a form of focused sound energy that encourages regenerative healing in your muscles, bones and connective tissue, including ligaments and tendons. Delivered by your doctor, chiropractor at ReBalance, the procedure sends a focused, percussive sound wave deep into the site of your injury, pain or chronic tightness. It requires no anesthesia because it isn’t painful.

Your physician or therapist applies a coating of water-soluble gel on your skin where you’re feeling the pain. The gel better transmits the soundwaves beneath your skin. The handheld device then creates thousands of tiny sonic pressure pulses that generate micro-ruptures deep within your capillaries. These ruptures hyper-stimulate or excite new cell growth at the site, causing a rapid body response to heal. As a result, the procedure encourages rapid repair, increased blood supply and oxygenation that carries away the inflamed tissue.

Pain Relief from Radial Shockwave Therapy

Your physician or pain therapist may prescribe a plan consisting of three to five treatments. Pain relief from ultrasound therapy is quick, if not immediate. The anesthetic effect of the shockwave pulses act on your pain. The healing process itself usually begins within a couple sessions and can continue for several weeks and months afterward.

Current research shows radial shockwave therapy to be effective at least 80 percent of the time. During the course of treatment, you may experience mild and short-lived tingling, redness or bruising at the site of the therapy. These side effects have become rarer, thanks to the continued development of the shockwave technology.

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