Art and music are 'Living' in Bushwick
by Heather Senison
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Husbandry gives its debut performance.
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Music and art are colliding in North Brooklyn, and artist and singer Nyssa Frank is celebrating the collaboration in her new Living Gallery in Bushwick.

The Living Gallery, located in the Loom art space at 1087 Flushing Avenue, held its debut event on Sunday, April 1, featuring pieces and theatrical performances from local artists.

The art included paintings on canvas and directly on the gallery's walls, and sculptures, including one with several small, plastic babies doused in red paint.

Artists included Brandon Sines, guitarist and singer Taylor Bowen from the band Ritz Riot, Billy Hahn, and Frank's mother Ellen Frank.

“I would say this is representative of our age right now,” Frank said in an interview outside her new gallery.

“I think it's fun, it's colorful, it's funny,” added 
Frank, who also directs the Loom Gallery.

She said she opened a space in Bushwick to be a part of the emerging art scene there. She added that art is more relaxed outside of Manhattan.

“I think that what's attractive is they don't take themselves too seriously and they have fun,” Frank said of the local artists. “They love what they're doing.”

However, she said her gallery will change every month, and will not be limited to young artists. For example, Frank will soon feature photography from a former Bushwick school teacher, who is now in her mid-50s.

“I want it to basically celebrate underexposed artists,” she said of the Living Gallery. “To me the main criteria is just passion - if they're good, willing, happy, nice people then I would love to work with them.”

Roughly 50 people came to the opening Sunday night, where they drank wine, mingled and perused the gallery.

BabySkinGlove, a two-person ballet troupe, gave a performance entitled “Ballerina Rhapsody” based on a vulgar and satirical dance lesson.

Frank's band Cum Blood also gave a theatrical performance, in which at one point the female members stripped down to black underwear, asking if the crowd would listen to them once their clothes were off.

Husbandry, a progressive rock band led by Cum Blood member Vanessa Gill, also gave its debut performance. However, the bands were cut short by an angry neighbor, with a pit bull in tow, who expressed a noise complaint.

Regardless, Frank said she was pleased with the outcome of the show.

Originally from East Hampton, Long Island, Frank went to the Ross School, followed by the University of California at Santa Barbara for philosophy, and also studied art in Europe.

She said it was in Holland where she had the epiphany that artists usually have more than one talent, and that music changes a viewer's perception.

To celebrate this, Frank is also selling clothing and books from local artists at the Living Gallery.

Since her mother is an artist and her father is a composer, Frank grew up with music and art infused in her life.

She said artists such as Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian were influenced heavily by jazz, which she saw clearly while looking at their paintings and listening to jazz at the same time.

“I could see the music and I could see the art and it made sense,” Frank said. “It's meaning but they're both non-verbal in a way, they both exist in different spheres, the visual and the auditory, and they both work together very well.”

The Living Gallery is located in room 120 in the Loom. For more information, visit
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