Monica Lionheart reveals edgier sound with second album
by Jennifer Khedaroo
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Compared to her past folksy sound, Lionheart experiments with electropop in her new album. Photo Credit: Shan Duvault
Compared to her past folksy sound, Lionheart experiments with electropop in her new album. Photo Credit: Shan Duvault
After a successful debut solo album, Brooklyn-based electro pop artist Lionheart recently released her music video for the first single, ‘Run,’ off of her new album ‘Missed Connections.’

The song is beautiful, with Lionheart successfully experimenting with an edgier sound.

Lionheart and her band shot the video for ‘Run’ in the same abandoned warehouse as her next three singles. But expect each video to have a completely unique feel.

In fact, the next single to be released is called ‘Strangers,’ and it is a collaboration of animation. Artist Adrian Halpern helped Lionheart to bring the song’s lyrics and spirit come to life.

While her first solo album, ‘Indian Summer,’ had a more folksy flair with strings and live instruments, listeners should expect to hear a lot more electronic and upbeat songs in the new album.

“I like things that are upbeat but are memorable at the same time,” Lionheart said. “Also, I like using the mesh of the electronic and the live instruments, and the combination of the two is a fusion that works for me.”

And even though she has been compared to electro-pop artists such as Florence and the Machine, Lionheart isn’t focused on sounding similar to anyone. Actually, for an electro-pop artist, Lionheart doesn’t really listen to electro-pop music herself. In some ways, it helps her creativity, adding a unique spin on her music.

Every track on the new record details the various story lines of a missed connection between two people, as if you were reading about them in a newspaper. New York, Lionheart said, was her inspiration.

“You meet so many people and the relationship sometimes can be very impacting, but you could also lose track of people,” Lionheart said. “But the interaction can sometimes live with you, it can be something you’d never forget.”

The new album features collaborations with the indie-pop band Lucius' producer and drummer Dan Molad, who worked on ‘Strangers’ and ‘Run’ with Lionheart. The Tex-Mex, indie-pop, Tucson-based band Calexico also worked with Lionheart on a few songs. Lastly, Puerto Rican artist Gabriel Rios performs a duet with Lionheart on a song about longing someone.

While her previous music may have been bilingual, don’t expect ‘Missed Connections’ to have anything but English. The goal is to create cohesiveness in the new album, so Lionheart decided to go with English solely.

Although the album won’t be bilingual, her lifelong travels have certainly left a mark. She in constantly influenced by how important music is to a culture. There is especially a connection to travel as a youth, when it comes to influences from her Spanish mom and Italian grandfather, Lionheart adding “everything that I love about music, I learned from him.”

While the January release for ‘Missed Connections’ is rapidly approaching, Lionheart offered a piece of advice for new musicians.

“Do it because you love it, and especially if you can’t go a day without it,” she said.
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Mark Sandsberg
November 28, 2015
Beautiful. Smart talented girl.