We need BQX
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Dear Editor,

I live in Queens but work in Brooklyn as a lead concierge. Every weekend I have to take multiple trains going through Manhattan because it’s the only way to get to Brooklyn from Queens. Also, since it is the weekend there are always significant delays.

If we make the BQX streetcar a reality, my commute will get easier. It will provide a direct path between the two boroughs and give me and my neighbors access to nearby parks, museums, schools and, most importantly, job opportunities.

I’ve heard some people say that we can have the same thing with buses, but buses are an unpleasant experience. They are unreliable, overcrowded, never on time, and too far away from where I live if I want to get from Queens to Brooklyn.

That won’t happen with the BQX, because the streetcars can move more people than buses. The BQX should also have a dedicated right of way so it won’t get stuck in traffic.

Queens and Brooklyn residents shouldn’t have to choose between a good job or a good commute. It’s 2017, but we’re forced to commute using transportation designed 112 years ago. We need more transit options for the outer boroughs, options that New Yorkers will use and enjoy.

We need the BQX.


Joseph Kemp
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