Why we're all angry
by Bob Turner
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Dear Mr. Weiner, I read your op-ed titled "why we should all be angry" defending your recent tirade on the House floor.

As the Republican challenger for the seat you have held for a decade, I want to offer a perspective shared by many of your constituents.

Mr. Weiner, we are angry because our Congressman represents everything that is wrong with Washington right now.

Your tirade on the house floor was a disgraceful display of theatrics and nothing more. As the Democratic Whip, you were well aware of what the outcome would be when you required a two-thirds vote to pass the 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill. You knew full well, Mr. Weiner, that you would not get the votes needed to pass the bill due to the provision for illegal aliens.

The Democrats have the majority to pass any bill. But, you decided to stack the deck and then inexplicably attacked Peter King, who not only voted for the bill but worked on the bill for over four years. It was a disgraceful display of hypocrisy, as you screamed what a shame it was for your Republican colleagues not to do what's right for the heroes. Yet, you were exploiting the very heroes you claimed to support for your own political gain.

Your Democratic colleague Robert Zimmerman put it best as he criticized your tired routine by saying “Our legislators are defining their credibility and effectiveness by the number of YouTube hits and sound bites that are generated.” And you tell us why we should all be angry?

Your political spin machine is always hard at work. You send out promotional mailers that misrepresent you as a fighter for the middle class and small businesses. And this false advertising is paid for by the taxpayers.

You are an avid supporter of President Obama's failed economic policies. You voted against middle-class families and small businesses by supporting the enormous tax increases taking place in 2011. Your unyielding support of the poorly constructed health care reform bill will place an enormous burden on small businesses and taxpayers.

You speak out against wasteful spending, but your actions speak otherwise. You are one of the few U.S. congressmen who accepted a car lease paid for by the taxpayers. You also voted for a pay raise for yourself in 2009, during a looming economic crisis. And you tell us why we should all be angry?

I was surprised when I saw that you have already filed to run for mayor of NYC in 2013. Are you so confident in your Congressional seat that you can afford to position yourself for another mayoral run on the backs of those you are supposed to be representing?

As you continue to position yourself for your next job, you ignore the feelings of your own people. You praise Bloomberg for his support of the Ground Zero Mosque, even though a recent poll shows that 70 percent of Americans oppose it. You fully support the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a Manhattan court room. Mr. Weiner, as one of the most liberal politicians in New York, you are radically out of touch with the values and patriotism of the middle-class families in Brooklyn and Queens.

Your federal earmarks speak volumes of your mayoral aspirations. Right here in Queens we need federal funding for Riis Park repairs. You ignore our needs, but you are able to secure millions in federal funding for the gay, lesbian and trans-gender community in lower Manhattan. As our elected representative, your time and energy should be spent on programs within the 9th District. And you tell us why we should all be angry?

Mr. Weiner, we are angry because our Congressman is a career politician, a self-promoting showman who lacks real world experience, has zero business sensibility and whose only motivation is to further his political career at the expense of those who he is paid to represent.

As a non-politician challenger to your seat, I cannot match your name recognition, political muscle or funding. But what I do have on my side is the will of the majority in the 9th CD. I am the voice of the people that you are supposed to represent and it is time for you to go.

Bob Turner is the Republican Challenger to Congressman Weiner for the 9th CD. He is a semi-retired business executive and lifelong resident of Queens.

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August 29, 2010
District 9, stay ingaged! I call my neighbors go and vote for Representative B.Turner. What we get from that Weiner? He voted just for increase H1B entry visa for models! That is what we send him to Cogress? No annual increase for social security pension for elderly, no any increase for

school financing - Weiner was completely against our well-being. Enough is enough. Bob Turner - mature person who is going to defend us.
August 25, 2010
I'm sorry I'm not a resident of Brooklyn or Queens because you would definitely get my vote. I can't stomach Mr. Wiener when he speaks because it's all about bashing Republicans and saying nothing that's going to help this country. Shame on Wiener & Bloomberg for supporting Ground Zero mosque. There is a mosque 4 blocks away from Ground Zero. NO MOSQUE ON SACRED GROUND!!!
Patricia Musial
August 25, 2010
It is time for a huge change in this district (9th CD), everyone has had it with the games and lies to be sure. But Weiner cannot run for mayor either. He has sold our country down the river with his progressive (socialist/communist)agenda. Yes, folks that is exactly what it is. He has to be removed completely from the political arena. You all know the old saying "what goes around comes around." Oh Well! Hopefully, he will be on Pelosi's unemployment line which she touts is so good for this country (another lamebrain) and because of his despicable actions and behavior maybe his law license will be revoked - when the tools to make a living are removed how good are you! Bob Turner you are a Godsend and May God Bless you because you are truly the epitome of an American. Everyone I know will vote for you!! We know you are the best man to win!
Bay Rat
August 25, 2010
Great letter, hope that wiener looses.
Walter Sobchak
August 25, 2010
I live in Weiner's district. EVERYTHING he has voted yes for in the last year and half to 2 years ago has made me sick, sick to the point I would call his office and ask whoever answered the phone to pass on to him that I was a constituetnt and NOT happy about the way he was voting, also stated truthfully that none of my neighbors were or family that lives in the 9th CD. I was always respectful and pleasant as I really wanted my message passed on to him, hoping he would listen. Usually they were very nice and respectful and said they would pass it on, which is all you can ask, but one guy who sounded like a college intern with ZERO life experience tried to explain how cap and trade is good based on Al Gore's movie ( I guess that movie can be reclassified now as a comedy?) ....which was very funny as I am a university trained scientist.

Anyway I am going to do everything I can to get Weiner UNELECTED, I dont know much of anything about Turner but its time to take Weiners free lunch away.
August 25, 2010
Gee Mr. Turner, why don't you just come right out and say what's on your mind instead of beating around the bush about it.
marty b
August 25, 2010
There'll be no coattails for Weiner this year-time to see HIM get a job in today's economy!